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   Dog Bakery Secrets
The Woofery Creator Reveals 21 Years of Trade Secrets in New Online Course!

from the creators of Australia's first and longest running dog treat bakery... The Woofery!

Welcome to Dog Bakery Secrets!
The step by step course of trade secrets to help you start and run a wildly successful part time or full time dog bakery business!
It's so PAWSOME you're here!!!

Are you ready to steal our trade secrets and build your wildly successful dog treat bakery business from your home kitchen? How pawsome will it be to create healthy and wholesome products that pet owners can feel good about giving to their dogs?

Well... you have come to the right place. Do you LOVE DOGS? Do you LOVE BAKING?
Are you dreaming of starting your own dog treat bakery but have so many questions and don't really know where to start? Well I was in your exact situation 20 years ago but back then there was very limited information available about dog treats and bakeries and there certainly was not a course to teach you a step by step blueprint.

My name is Mandy McNamara and I am the owner and creator of The Woofery which I am proud to say was Australia's first full-time dog bakery business way back in 2002 and is also the longest running dog bakery in Australia today. We have been through many ups and downs over the years from the global financial crisis, several personal tragedies including the death of my mum from cancer when I was only 26yrs old, to a traumatic and costly divorce and now the greatest challenge of all time, a global pandemic which has caused huge financial strain on all small business owners coupled with soaring inflation, rising interest rates and constant cost of living increases! 

It's due to our sheer determination and years of experience that our little dog bakery business has stood the test of time and made it through these events!
I am here to give you a blueprint for building and running your dog bakery business to spare you the years of testing and measuring so that you can FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS!!! Our 20 plus years of learning and experience qualifies us to teach you our trade secrets which will enable you to sustain a part time side hustle or full time dog treat bakery business and have the life you have dreamed of!

Are you feeling SCARED and FRUSTRATED because...

  • You don't know where to start when it comes to finding, sourcing and creating dog safe                 recipes.
  • ​You don't understand the legal requirements to set up your business.​
  • ​You are unsure of where to source the best quality dog safe ingredients.
  • ​​You don't know what sort of baking equipment you will need or where to source it. You                don't know if you have the skills or ability to learn what it takes to bake and decorate                      healthy and attractive treats that dogs go crazy for.
  • You are confused about whether to start your business from home and just sell online or              go all out and start a retail bakery outlet.
  • ​​You don't know where to start with packaging and labelling your treats within the legal                   requirements.
  • ​​You are frustrated that there is so little information about how to achieve long shelf life                 without the use of nasty preservatives, artificial additives, sugar, salt and other bad                       ingredients that can be dangerous for dogs.
  • ​You are unsure of the types of marketing you need to do to get your products in front of               dog owners.​​
These are just a few of the questions I know you have been asking yourself and madly trying to find the answers to BUT there is so much conflicting information and you are getting OVERWHELMED!

TRUST ME when I say I know exactly how you feel and I have been there and had to work this out for myself over TWENTY years of trial and error!
I didn't have an industry expert to teach me how to start and grow my business!!! 
 I have created Dog Bakery Secrets so you can learn fast and avoid the mistakes. 
This course has been created with you in mind!!!
When you join our Dog Bakery Secrets Course...
Here is what you can expect
A nine module value packed course that will teach you how to start and grow a successful part time or full time dog treat bakery business from the ground up. All of our tips and trade secrets from the last 20 years revealed to fast track your success! Our course will enable you to feel confident that you are serving dogs with the very best healthy and wholesome products available within the dog treat market today!

The Course is delivered entirely online through our exclusive members only site and gives you 24/7 lifetime access to the course and all future updates. You will be able to access all course material in your own time and learn at your own pace. There are no deadlines, tests or assignments, just extensive and detailed written information, pdf's, photos, links to resources and video demonstrations.

The course consists of 9 modules delivered through our members only site. You will have immediate access to all 9 modules when you sign up. You will also have access to our exclusive STUDENT ONLY Facebook group from the day you sign up which provides support to the community of students with further detailed learning sessions, recipes, video demonstrations and all your questions answered.
Here's What You Will Learn From our Dog Bakery Trade Secrets Online Course?
Module #1:Welcome and Introduction
Introduction to the Dog Bakery Secrets Course. Our Trademark Zero to Hero Course.
About The Course Creator.
What To Expect from the Course.

Module #2: So Why Start a Dog Bakery?
Why Start a Dog Bakery?
Setting up Your Business
Naming your business and establishing your brand. Creating your brand logo. 
Module #3: The Serious Stuff
Legal Requirements and Registrations. Accepting Payments. Setting up Business Bank Accounts and Business Bookkeeping Options.
Module #4: Let's Get Baking!
Bakeware, Tools and Equipment. Dog Safe Ingredients. Toxic Ingredients to Avoid. Recipe development. Vegan & Gluten Free Baking. Tips & Shelf Life.
Module #5: The Nutrition Factor
The Importance of Nutrition. Making Healthy, Wholesome Dog Treats. Using Superfoods in Dog Treats. Using Human Grade Ingredients. Avoiding additives.
Module #6: Treat & Cake Decorating
Decorating Cookies. Decorating Cakes. Decorating Tools. Using Carob & Yoghurt Chips for Icing. Colouring your Icing Naturally. Making Natural Sprinkles.
Module #7: Costing, Pricing & Selling
Recipe Costing, Setting Prices of Treats and Cakes for Profit. Where to Sell Your Treats. Selling Online, In Person, Retail Outlets, Wholesale Business 2 Business.
Module #8: Shipping Delivery & Packaging
Packaging Your Treats. Presentation and packaging for Shelf Life. Delivery & Shipping Options. Packing & Shipping of Treats. Packing Materials.
Module #9: Promote, Market & Advertise
How to Promote your Business. Where to Promote your Business. Advertising and Marketing. Using Social Media and Ambassadors.  Collaborations & Partnerships.

And Much, Much More...

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Here's What You'll Get...

  • Lifetime Access to the Dog Bakery Secrets Course ($1397 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Dog Bakery Secrets Community Facebook Group (INVALUABLE)
  • ​FREE Dog Treat Recipe Book to Get Your Baking Started ($499 Value)
  • ​FREE Resource Guide of All Equipment and Ingredients ($499 Value)
  • ​6 Months Email Support -up to 8 emails ($1500 Value)
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Total Value $3895. Normally $1397. NOW JUST $697 for students who sign up NOW!!!

Just Imagine...where you could be in 6 months from now with our expert help and extensive guidance???

Making and Selling Pawsome Professional Dog Treats Just Like These!  ...and running your very own dog treat bakery business.

When you join Dog Bakery Secrets you are saying YES to...

  How much easier it would be to start your dog bakery business if you had a blueprint from an industry expert who actually built a successful dog bakery that is still successfully operating today after 20 years. How incredible would it be to not second guess your every decision by doing it all on your own? Let us help you fast track your success and make that first sale! All with the caring guidance from an industry expert.
  Feel confident about starting and running your business because you have been mentored by an industry expert who has proven processes and methods. You can be assured that you will not need to go through the costly and time consuming testing and measuring of business practices and processes because you have been taught by an industry expert.
  Feel proud when you launch new treats and sell out consistently because you have created products that dogs and their owners go crazy for!
Grow a thriving and sustainable brand that dogs and their owners keep coming back for. Build a loyal customer base that continues to support your business for many years to come.

  Be your own boss. Work your own hours around family and other commitments. Control your destiny and make a living doing what you love - baking and decorating treats and cakes for dogs that are healthy and wholesome. All made with premium human edible ingredients with no hidden nasties such as preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, cane sugar or salt. You can feel good knowing that you are providing dogs with premium quality treats that are full of nutritious dog safe ingredients. 
  We will give you the confidence to create and build long lasting business relationships with other pet professionals that will support your business and send a steady stream of loyal customers your way for years to come!

Refund Policy

Please consider your purchase carefully as we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS for Change of Mind or Dislike of the Course Material or Delivery Methods. The course is delivered in a way that we feel provides the most effective learning experience in relation to the topics. Please read all of the information about the course above and consider if this course is right for you. If you are looking for an overnight result then this course IS NOT FOR YOU. Starting and running a business takes time and dedication. If you are not able to be 100% committed to learning ALL of the processes involved in starting and running a dog treat bakery business then please consider that you may not be ready to purchase the course. 

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